Shree Group
Management Panel


A well known name in the industry with five different sectors.

1. Rajan Products
This sector is for production of flour, made without extraction of rawa and maida from wheat, therefore it is a whole mill chakki atta carefully ground using traditional "chakki grinding" process.

2. Shree Pouches
This sector is for production of Pan Masala , started in the year 1986 at home only with hand packing (without Machine).

3. Shree Beverage
This sector is for production of Packaged Drinking water in different packgings, Unit estd. In year 2000 with production capacity of 1lakh liter water per day.

4. Shree Pet
This sector is for production of:
a) Pet Preforms     b) Blowing Machines     c) PET Moulds     d) Blow Moulds
Started production in year 2003.

Shri. K.G.Nawal

An admired personality of the Pan Masala Industry, Shri K G Nawal, aged 50 years is amongst the few Indian Pan Masala tycoons who started working at an early age of 20 yrs. His immense knowledge and experience about the practical applications of Finance and Accounts has helped in the expansion of the group. 30 years of experience in various industries like Biscuits, Pan masala, Processed water, PET Preform, Blowing machines have truly made him a name to recon within all industries. He is a commerce graduate from Ajmer.His store of knowledge has helped turn all the endeavors of the group into a win.Presently he is working as the Managing Director of Shree Group .

Shri K . K. Maheshwari

30 years of experience in various techno commercial aspects of industries like Pan Masala, Processed water, PET Preform and Blowing machines have truly made Shri K K Maheshwari a name to recon within the industry. Aged 45 years, he is a post graduate and founder of Shree Group. He is the one who gets everything and anything done from the stage of planning till its execution. His proficiency in the technical field has made him transform a small company to a leading group in India. From the stage of policy making till the final product, he has always aimed at delivering the best. He has remained as a trump element for the group in the manufacturing sector for the good. He has been completely involved in the setting up of all production plants of Shree Group. He is currently Chairman of Shree Group.

Shri Naveen Maheshwari

A second generation entrepreneur and younger Son of Shri K.G.Nawal, aged 25 years, Shri Naveen Maheshwari has been an active support as far as the Shree Groupís administration is concerned. He acquired considerable skill in the processing and marketing of Atta and Pan Masala. His experience in running an industry as a whole and his administrative qualities have enabled him to bring a bounty of profits for the group. He stands as a pillar that supports the whole organization through its strength and knowledge. His knowledge and expertise in getting things implemented has benefited the organization immensely.